10 Surprising Healing Benefits of Lemons

10 Surprising Healing Benefits of Lemons
10 Surprising Healing Benefits of Lemons

though it is well known that lemons are good for one’s health, there are many benefits which are only now being recognized and taken advantage of.  Because of its high level of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), for example, lemons have been known to help out against infections and skin diseases like scurvy; they may also be a potent weapon against cancer.

Among the less-well-known health benefits, however, are the following:

1.  A remedy against heartburn?

Because of its high acidity, it may come as a surprise that lemons could possibly help out in the area of gastro-esophageal reflux disease.  Lemons, however, appear to be good for the digestion, thus helping to relieve many of the symptoms that come with GERD, including indisgetion, bloating, and belching.

2.  Relieving hiccups?

Drinking lemon juice may help to treat and help reduce the chances of succumbing to hiccups.  The strong sourness of lemons is usually a strong medicine against the involuntary nerve spasms that constitute what we call “hiccups.”

3.  Dissolving gall, kidney, and pancreatic stones?

Some sources have suggested that lemons may be useful in the fight against stones that develop in the kidneys, gallbladder and the pancreas.  Medicine may find this lithotripsy ability useful in the coming years, if this can be further confirmed through clinical studies.  Because this remedy carries such low risk factors, however, it may be something people facing these problems may use on a trial basis, preferably by first contacting their physician.

4.  Reduction of the phlegm your body produces?

Supposedly because of its natural antiseptic prowess, lemons (which contain, among other things, anti-microbial saponins) may help your body produce less phlegm, possibly by helping to strengthen your immune system.

5.  Helping to fade burn scars?

Burns can greatly damage skin cells, often leaving ugly scars behind.  By helping to cool and heal damaged skin, however, lemons may reduce the ugliness of said scars.

6.  A weight reducer and diuretic?

Much of the weight gain some people experience comes in the form of water retention.  Lemons (possibly consumed as lemon juice mixed with warm water and honey) may aid in the fight to keep water retention to a minimum, supposedly by helping the kidneys and the other fluid-management organs to work more efficiently.

7.  Strengthening the heart?

Because of its high potassium content, lemons may help to keep the heart healthy and strong.  Its cardiovascular benefits may also lie in its ability to keep high blood pressure low.

8.  Used as a sedative?

Lemon juice is said to help against dizziness, stress, and depression, ostensibly by helping the body to stay calm and relaxed–especially when consumed in conjunction with other stress-reducing foods (e.g., green tea, honey, yogurt, etc.).

9.  Remedy against respiratory problems?

Lemons may help (most probably because of their anti-inflammatory properties) people who suffer from breathing problems such as asthma.

10.  An anti-aging supplement?

Lemons may help in the fight against premature aging, most probably because of their anti-oxidant capacity.  They can help to prevent and remove wrinkles and blackheads, as well as to keep skin looking healthy, shiny and supple.  Among other things, lemons are thought to be able to help the body restore pH balance.


Although for centuries lemons have been known to provide many health benefits, it’s only relatively recently that we can to some extent understand why.  Simply put, we did not have the technology to pinpoint some of the scientific reasons; what is more interesting, though, is the fact that there may be even more benefits we have yet to identify or discover.

Written By Fred Fletcher


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