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Feel Better, Be Happy and Live Longer.
Wellness Exists to Help People Feel Better, Be Happy and Live Longer by connecting them with the best health and wellness information and resources on the web. Interactive visitor surveys and user reviews make the best content, resources and providers stand out above the rest.

It is widely accepted that wellness cannot be bought or acquired passively. Wellness is proactively experienced through the pursuit of a lifestyle that results in optimal health and happiness.
The term health is more often identified with the passive state of being disease-free or the reactive state of having a health condition. Conceptually, a person could avoid the obvious lifestyle pitfalls and with a little luck still have their health at a particular age. Wellness on the other hand, requires a proactive and informed pursuit.

People want to improve their health and happiness, but with all of life’s options and distractions, it is difficult to know what to do, who to trust, or where to start. Even people who are already healthy and happy can benefit from additional support, tools and motivation to pursue what they really want out of life.

Wellness.com helps people learn the best-practices for living an exceptional life while avoiding the pitfalls learned from the experiences of others.

Connecting like-minded people.

Wellness.com provides a social networking community for like-minded people and subject matter experts to connect and communicate with each other in a fun and useful way.

Thank you for your participation! Be well…

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