Staying Healthy in Turbulent Times

Staying Healthy in Turbulent Times
Staying Healthy in Turbulent Times

Where are we to turn in this most turbulent world? Everyday it seems we are made aware that anger and violence toward others is increasing. Where is our ability to remain healthy in such troubling times? We are saddened by the recent tragedies and deaths in our country.

We unfortunately, are not alone, as Nice, France has also suffered severe loss of life. In France, as the citizens and visitors were celebrating Bastille Day (similar to our July 4th celebrations) loss of life occurred seemly out of nowhere. How do we stay healthy and continue to raise a healthy family in these turbulent times? How do we navigate through life, and remain steadfast in our commitment to staying healthy? We must look at ways to remain focused on the importance of our health. Our health is our most important and valuable asset.

Stay Committed to the ABCs Of Health

Our health is not just about our diet. It is quite clear that many of us are not focused on our entire health. According to the Office of National Statistics (OHS) neglecting are mental health can be more serious than many chronic diseases. Let’s go over some basic thoughts regarding our ability to navigate through troubling times. It is important to be mindful when nourishing your body. Try and center yourself and relax before eating. Reducing stress by eating is counterproductive and really only gives you a temporary reprieve. In the long run you will notice weight-gain and then you will have another stressor in your life. I know that we read all the time about doing some relaxation techniques to reduce stress. I am someone who did not think I had the time and energy to just sit quietly. I was busy, busy, busy with life and all that it entails.

After suffering from a chronic back problem, I decided to try to “sit still.” It took time and dedication to the practice of “being still.” I continued to work on my practice and gradually learned meditation. It did not come easy, but soon I had some extraordinary benefits from it. As I continued to practice my back pain resolved, I lost fifteen pounds, and I had more energy to deal with everyday life.

During stressful times we tend to “abuse” ourselves by overindulging in food and drink. Even excessive exercise can be damaging. Yes, we are living in turbulent times, and it seems difficult for us to catch our breath. Our fast paced life of trying to “get this and that done” can cause great havoc to our bodies. If we can take small steps to relax, it may prove to be one our best approaches to our health.

Our Approach May Be The Answer

Our positive approach to others, through kindness and action, can go a long way to improve our overall health.

It is important to realize that all life matters, and the way we treat each other is a great start.

Research indicates that positive affirmations and kindness towards others has a lasting effect on our health, as well as those around us. We must be aware that each day we interact with others; and how we treat those individuals can say a lot about ourselves. When we think about being healthy in turbulent times, we must also consider our mental health. Mental health is just as important as our physical health, and some research indicates that our mental health maybe even more important. So starting today, take a deep breath, slow down a bit, and be kind to yourself and others. The way to navigate through difficult times is in our own approach to our own lives. Let’s be kinder to ourselves, and those who we interact with. Our approach to life must start with a kinder, more compassionate view of relating to others. Change can only occur if we are willing to look deep down inside and decide, “How can I make things better?” A strong commitment to our health and wellbeing and the wellbeing of others, may be the change the world really needs.

Written By Carolyn Lepore-Duke


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