The Number One Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight

The Number One Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight
The Number One Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Everything we do stems from our belief systems. Your self-image is responsible for all that you do. Take a step back and think about how you feel about yourself and then take note of how you live. Can you see how your deepest thoughts and feelings are reflective in your life experiences?

If you see yourself as “fat” then your body will manifest that which you believe, resulting in wanting to eat more and exercise less. It’s your perception of yourself that keeps you where you are. If you struggled with your weight last year you probably are this year too, because your self-image is that of being overweight.

Everything in your life is an expression of how you see yourself within your mind’s eye, including your body. Your self-image reflects back in all that you do: the actions you take, the choices you make, and even how you dress.

False Beliefs Create a False Self-Image

Many of us have false beliefs about ourselves that create a false self-image. These limiting beliefs stem from the environment we were raised in or by circumstances and events throughout our lives, such as a difficult divorce.

When you see yourself a certain way, no matter how much you want to change, your self-belief will keep you where you are—unless you change your perception of you.

Can you see how your world mirrors your beliefs? Your life and body as it is right now was created by your self-beliefs and pattern of thought.

Your mind is your most powerful tool of creation—what you think about most you bring about—including your body shape and size.

For instance, when you think about your weight, do you tell yourself “I need to lose weight; I’m too fat”? If so, then your self-image is that of being “fat.” Your body then takesaction to become what you believe.

If you think “I have to lose weight” and try all the latest fad diets, any weight you lose will come back because your body is always a perfect expression of your self-image, which is being overweight.

Change Your Pattern of Thought

To change your body you must first change your self-image from that of being overweight to being the ideal body weight you desire to be. Rather than focus on needing to lose weight, focus on being “lighter, thinner, and fit.” The subconscious mind doesn’t like deprivation so rather than focusing on “lose” focus on “thin.” Your body will then begin to let go of fat easier. You will start to crave healthier foods and exercise as a way to manifest what you are thinking about most—being healthier and weighing less.

To shift yourself-image, begin by changing your inner dialogue and patterns of thought. You deserve to have the body of your dreams. Claim your heath today, starting by thinking kindly of yourself. Express love to yourself when you look in a mirror. Stop putting yourself down when you make a mistake. Changing your pattern of thought will shift your mindset from having doubtful, unloving thoughts to having empowering, “I can do this!” thoughts that will enable you to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Begin today to take focused action in the direction of your goals. Love everything about yourself. See yourself healthier, thinner, and happier as if you have already accomplished your desired weight-reduction goals.The more you think lovingly of yourself the more you will believe that you really can achieve your ideal bodyweight and the happiness you want.

Carol Whitaker is the author of Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams. Carol is a highly sought after Life Transformation Expert and Lifestyle Fitness Coach. Carol is a Media Expert for ABC4 GOOD THINGS UTAH and Motivational Speaker. She is passionate about inspiring and motivating women to create and manifest the life and body of their dreams. Carol is a featured expert on national media and online websites. Carol is a happily married mother of 3.  Connect with Carol on her profile LinkedIn and Facebook to receive her health, fitness and happiness tips and by following her on Twitter. Visit to learn more.

Written By Carol Whitaker


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